PP Terra

PP Terra is a Push-fit flame retardant waste & soil system, manufactured from durable Polypropylene material which can withstand domestic hot water discharge and cope with the majority of chemicals and detergents, manufactured to strengent quality control standards (BS EN ISO 9001-UK) to meet the requirements of the standard UNI EN 1451 and conforms international fire regulations.

PP Terra is Prefectly Smooth Solid wall and structured wall pipes, shiny and free of irregularities that would compromise the functional aspect, and contains no heavy matals or other additives harmful to the environment and it can be recycled for pipe or for energy recovery through incineration.

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System Benefits:

  • Flame retardant product
  • No welding, gluing or special tools required
  • Low pipe weight per meter increased design freedom
  • Superior impact resistance
  • Superior chemical resistance (PH2 - PH12)
  • Superior temperature resistance (up to 90ÂșC)
  • Durable and excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • Lower noise level than the traditional (PVC) system