AQUATerra is a system of pipes and fittings made from RA140E random copolymer polypropylene, specially developed from this use. The system’s characteristics make it suitable for the construction of heating and water supply systems of the most widely varying forms, with 50 years estimated and guaranteed service life complying with DIN8077, DIN8078, DIN16962, and EN ISO 15874.

AQUA Terra PP-RCT is the latest generation of PP-R Pipes. PP-RCT a polyproplyene-randomcopolymer with a special crystallinity which provides an improved pressure resistance, especially at elevated temperatures. Pressure tests according to ISO 9080 on pipes manufactured from PP-RCT materials demonstrate 50 years service life at 70C of 5MPa, compared to the 3.2 MPa for standard PP-R materials. These very capabilities allow PP-RCT to increase performance, and offer advantages for building designers and end-users alike.

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System Benefits:

  • Wide range upto 250 mm
  • Nickel plated inserts
  • Resistant to electrochemical corrosion
  • Hygienic system
  • Resistant to stray electric currents
  • Minimized pressure loss
  • High pressure & temperature resistance